Brand Story

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, DA-IE is a noble Jewelry brand founded by designer Danya Xie in late 2016 and launched the very first collection ‘The Flow’ in 2017. As a startup designer brand, DA-IE jewelry has been featured and recommended by various notable fashion magazines like Vogue Paris, British Vogue, WWD, Cosmopolitan, Look Magazine, InStyle UK, YOU Magazine etc. Worn and loved by celebrities like Natalie Dormer, Julia Michaels, Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha Dixon, Olivia Cooke etc.


DA-IE jewelry is distinctive in style, intricate yet striking, bold yet elegant. It is a celebration of today’s woman who is feminine yet strong, graceful yet determined. Philosophy was born from life, so are these jewelries. The inspiration is drawn from existence and fragments of daily life. DA-IE jewelry presents a genuine feeling that is even more precious than jewelry itself.


‘We inspired by life and crated with love.’ 





Danya Xie is a Boston-based jewelry designer, with a Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins College, London. Experience with industry giants CARTIER, SWAROVSKI and TOPSHOP have honed Danya's skills, enabling her to grow and develop as a designer. In 2013, Danya Xie’s design ‘Pearl Interior Ebony Ring’ got selected to sell in the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2014, She worked for luxury fashion brand Sophie Hulme that gave her first expression of how a designer brand working. In 2016, Danya moved to Boston, set up her own company and established her jewelry brand ‘DA-IE Jewelry’ which continued her design aesthetics and sold internationally by selected stockists. In 2017, Danya has been selected to be one of the 17+ designers of Boston Fashion Week. By combining her passions of multi dimensional form, metal and the pearls, her desire is to create timeless pieces of wearable art.




All the jewelry is crafted by responsible and experienced jewelers. It is our mission to create Affordable, Artisanal, and Timeless pieces that can be worn as little daily reminders of Love and Beauty.