Nature is a very universal inspiration. I find my inspiration often in the nature. In my work I visualise the relationship between man and nature. I am fascinated especially by the human interference in the nature; the traces that are left behind by the taking care, the organising or controlling nature. This unpredictable power of life is for me a source of inspiration. This dialogue between control and freedom has become the general theme for my jewellery.


I choose to use wood, because it’s such a convenient material to use and it always holds a particular fascination for me. Wood give people a feeling of mild, lenient and ordinary, but when I walk into the nature, I'm always impressed by its intensed power and tenacity. Wood and pearls are my favourite materials. This combination of jewellery is the perfect embodiment of women's strong, graceful and natural characters.


By integrating the wood I attempt to create an association, a dialog with personal and natural processes and feelings. Things are born that originate from the moving of the hands and of giving shape to material. And I feel I am able to catch what is hidden on the inside by having a dialogue with the piece in front of me and by reflecting about the piece. The idea of this combination of pearls and wood is showing people how I see the beauty and I’m also trying to find the balance between natural and manmade. I hope people could feel the vitality and power when they ‘re viewing or wearing this jewellery.